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Alpina Parts Collection

Price: On Request
Brand: Alpina
Type: One-of-a-Kind Parts Collection
Year: 1967
Colour: Original

BMW and ALPINA have a long history together. As one of the major BMW tuners in the late sixties and early seventies, Alpina developed itself into a significant manufacturer of parts, like their infamous 20-spoke wheels. Racing helped their tuning activities. Street-driven BMWs benefited from better performance and looks in period. Bolt-on packaged evolved into brand new Alpina-badged road-legal cars.

At the time of the BMW 1600 it offered a wide range of go-faster goodies and these are hard to find today. Over the years we’ve collected NOS and used (some never used) Alpina parts for the BMW 1600 Ti and BMW 2002 Tii. Soon we will offer this collection on auction. Keep an eye on this page here for a full overview, or reach out to us so we can send you a detailed list with high-res photos.

Perfektion im Detail

As a renowned BMW 02 Specialist and high-standard restorer, we can also help you build the best possible BMW 02 “Alpina” of your dreams in our shop. In case you are on the hunt for hard-to-find parts, please get in contact. With a vast network of other enthusiasts, professionals and collectors we are happy to help.

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