Restoration Management

The best restorers are highly skilled craftsmen and while we focus on the entire project, costs and budget, they can focus on the technical process which we supervise to have the best possible end result. We cut the costs and you’ll get the best restored car in return.

Heritage Cars is an expert on Restoration Management. While classic cars have been quite popular in the last decade, we’ve seen new demographics joining the pack, namely the younger generations. TV shows about restoring classic cars make it all look very easy to make the best out of a rust bucket in the blink of an eye.

When prices for some classic cars went up and up, others decided to buy project cars instead of the best examples. In reality, it still is amazing to create the car you always dreamt of, with your favourite colours and all, or to restore a rare classic car to win any concours event. But restoration is a time-consuming process and sometimes people will lose their interest, or the restorers are too busy working on the project that communication can become a hassle for both parties.

From our experience we know it is difficult to tell on forehand how long a project will take. It’s always easier when you have the parts in hand. Underneath a car’s layer of paint, oil and dust the unforeseen can be hidden. Older repairs, bad restorations in earlier times when things were done different than nowadays. A car is only original once they say. We believe that it takes time and a good plan to restore a car without losing its DNA. Sometimes we see nice patina that needs to be preserved, while others simply want to make it as it has left the factory. And there will also be moments when others see a car with a story to tell, while all we see is a blank canvas to do it right for once. During these discussions we will act as the right guide for the client.

Even if there is still a return on investment during a project, emotions can take over. With Restoration Management by Heritage Cars, you will get the job done. The best restorers are highly skilled craftsmen and while we focus on the entire project, they can focus on the technical process, incorporating the strategy we devise with the client. We handle the costs, and you’ll get the best restored car in return. We only supervise with the best possible end result in mind.

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