Brand: Aston Martin
Type: DB6 MK1
Year: 1966
Colour: Silver Birch

Delivered on the 26th of Februari 1966 to C.H. Truman & Co. this Aston Martin DB6 MK1 is still in its original colour, Silver Birch and holds its original engine. With a 3.54:1 rear axle ratio in combination with a limited slip differential and Avon Turbospeed GT tyres, this DB6 was ordered to drive high speeds and long distances. That is what it’s still up for today, driving!

This example has never been restored and still has its original body, it had a full respray back in the early nineties as well as an engine rebuild, a fresh interior and a manual gearbox conversion. The engine is strong, very smooth and shows perfect oil pressure under any circumstance. The body is solid as is the chassis and frame. It shows signs of use which gives the car a beautiful patina. Therefor this car is particularly suitable for road use, being reliable and comfortable at the same time.

The biggest part of its history is known and the car spend most of its life in Freiburg, Germany where is was registered before it came to The Netherlands in 2015. It has had repairs done in the last two years by specialists worth over fifteen thousand Euro’s. The car is Dutch registered and comes with a valid MOT/TUV. This MK1 DB6 is ready to be enjoyed.

Sold to one happy driver.

06 24 27 62 96

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