BMW 1600-2 Riviera 1970

Brand: BMW
Type: 1600-2
Year: 1970
Colour: Riviera

Highly original time capsule

Soon to be for sale: an unrestored, matching numbers, Riviera blue BMW 1600. Original paint, solid, well maintained and highly original. Some people describe cars as a time capsule in this condition. In this case we cannot deny it is true. We haven’t yet decided if we go for the “Heritage Cars” treatment on this one or not. Leave it as is also an option. Lower it, add some go-faster goodies and find someone who really wants to drive this for fun makes sense. Therefore we’ve took several photos to begin with. Original wheels, or Borrani’s? Or perhaps even Alpina?

We have plenty of period correct 02 parts in stock to transform the the outside without ruining the original look & feel. The same with the interior; Recaro Sportsitz and a three spoke steering wheel, or the original interior?

What would you do and how would you use it? In case you’re interested in this 1600-2, please reach out to us and we’d love to finalize this plan together.

06 24 27 62 96

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