BMW 2002 “Alpina” 1970

Brand: BMW
Type: 2002
Year: 1971
Colour: Blue

BMW 2002 “Alpina” 1970

With a healthy 217 horsepower and very rare Alpina parts, we want to show this 02 to a larger crowd. Not just is it being auctioned on during the Monterey Car Week. The BMW 2002 is already shipped and imported into the USA before the auction goes live. A little tour is following as we will drive it through California ourselves, before handing over the keys to the highest bidder. Because this is a no reserve auction, the car will be sold.

Last year we already did a major road trip from Portugal to the Netherlands. Since it was part of the Heritage Cars Collection we improved the car, had it properly adjusted on the dyno and just drove it as much as possible to check each and every bit. It’s a blast. As we will be present at several events along the Monterey Car Week, potential bidders and other people with interest in this Alpina can inspect the car in person.

The engine was based on the BMW M10, but is now enlarged to 2.3 litre. Inside are a BMW S14 2.5 litre billet crankshaft, special pistons and forged conrods. Golfball dimple ported cylinder head and inlet manifolds are fueled by period correct 45mm Double Webers. All power goes to the rear wheels with the help of a Gertrag 245/10 dogleg 5-speed gearbox and a 75% Limited Slip Differential. Several Alpina parts, Recaro Sportsitz and other period correct items make it an incredible joyful driver’s car. There’s more to tell, so please visit the listing at for all the details and driving videos.

Please note that in the US this will be registered as a 1970 car, while in Europe authorities don’t pick the year of build, but the the actual date of first registration, which was in april 1971.

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