JAGUAR C-TYPE 4.2 1964

Brand: Jaguar
Type: C-type 'Heritage'
Year: 1964
Colour: Blue

Left-hand drive Jaguar C-type recreation

Imagine opening the garage door in the early morning, the sun rises over the long nose and you fold yourself into the perfectly fitting seats. The engine roars as soon as you touch the starter button. The perfect six cylinder Jaguar sound from the exhaust which is right next to your ears. Every trip with this car is too short, you just can’t get enough. The endless power combined with the torque, from the lowest revs this car keeps on pulling and will keep putting a smile on your face. And so many others who will see you fly by.

The addiction level is high on this specific car as it is so incredibly good to drive. Thanks to the left-hand drivers position and the 4.2 liter engine the car is very useable. It’s fitted with triple SU carburetors which make the engine easy going when you want to tour and still mega quick when needed. The 4.2 liter engine in mated to a manual 4-speed gearbox and limited slip differential all from one and the same Jaguar. Inboard rear disc breaks and independent suspension all around makes this car not just fast in a straight line. The car is in exceptional good condition. A very light patina glows over the exterior which, in our opinion, is exactly what you’d expect from a C-type.

This Heritage built C-type recreation was ordered and produced in 1995. A Dutch Jaguar enthusiast ordered the car and got it delivered for his birthday in 1996. It was Dutch registered since as it is today. Heritage used a Jaguar donor car registered in 1964 so it benefits from a beautiful classic registration, something which is impossible to get registered today when newly build.
Heritage was the leading company when it comes to solid and reliable Jaguar recreations. The original order forms are still with the car and shown upon request. Although the car was built twenty-five years ago, it is still in as new condition and never changed colour. The car is fitted with 16” wire wheels with new Avon turbospeed tires. The current keeper used the car for a couple of great events throughout Europe such as Gran Premio Nuvolari. We’re looking for a new enthusiast who will keep doing the same, to drive it.
This C-type is ready to go and can be enjoyed immediately.

Please inquire for more information. We are located in the old city of Delft. You are more than welcome to visit us in our sixteenth century listed showroom.

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