Brand: Land Rover
Type: 109 V8 'STAGE ONE'
Year: 1980
Colour: Limestone

Original Dutch delivered 109 V8 civil edition.

1980 was the one and only production year for the very first V8 powered Land Rover. As a government financial support programme, British Leyland received funds in excess of 200 million pounds to conquer the Far East and Japanees 4×4 market. The project was named ‘Stage one’ and so it was the first car of the programme. The 3.5 liter Buick engine was used as it proofed itself in many Rovers for several years and of course in the Range Rover which was in production since ’71.

Many of these ‘Stage one’ Land Rovers were indeed sold to the Far East and served the British Army, both in the UK as in the rest of the world.

Leaf springs, drum brakes all around and a manual 4-speed gearbox were used from the Series 3 and gave the car a slightly aged appearance hence the one year production. Soon the Defender was born and the rest is history. Under their skin these V8’s were a different car though. For the first time, permanent 4-wheel drive was used. Front and rear axles were stronger, power steering was standard and the radiator grill was moved forward to create more space under the bonnet to fit the V8 engine.

Now a days, these V8 109’s are a rare breed as production numbers were low. Being produced simultaneously with the standard series 3, exact production numbers are unknown. The biggest part of the V8’s were used by the Army, popular with Fire Departments and many were used as Pick-ups.

This specific example was born as a people carrier which was highly unusual. Around 500 cars were sold in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Original Limestone with a black interior and green tinted glass all around, this car must have been an extraordinary sight and still is. Being fully restored to original specification, this car is highly useable and also highly collectable. Converted to a 5-speed gearbox (LT77), covering big distances is easy as well as rough terrain.
The car has been rebuild from the ground up with no welding needed at all. Still carrying its original bulkhead, chassis and axles this car is very solid throughout. It pulls strong and shifts through the gears with great ease. The engine sounds phenomenal and is professionally tuned keeping its original Stromberg carburetors.

If you wish to receive more information about this stunning piece of history, please feel free to ask.

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