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Price: €49.500,-
Year: 1962
Colour: Marine Blue

Vanlife in the best 4×4 by far

A Land Rover built by Dormobile is the British alternative to a VW Westfalia for overlanders. Here we have true survivor. One of only 1000 examples ever created when the company still produced from its facilities in Folkestone. Adventure on any given journey. Overland experiences like no other. No road trip will ever by either too far or too remote. A four-wheeling time warp which will suit four people.

Wherever you go, the trusted 4×4 system, the usability of a pop-up roof top and a full camper set up inside will put a smile on the faces of everyone on board. The Dormobile will get you there. Drive, eat, sleep, repeat. Four people can sleep inside. Rest whenever you want, cook your favourite roadside meal and drive on. Create the best lifelong memories while you simply go out and explore.

Dormobile called this a “caravan for comfortable touring for 4 adults in any part of the world!”. It has unique features that have been tested and proved by many thousands or users all over the world, combined with the rugged go-anywhere character of a true Land Rover. Today any brand enthusiast will appreciate the fact it has kept its period look and feel, together with all decals, emblems and more. For an early Series IIa this is the one to have, because all details are still there. It makes it a rare classic adventure vehicle that can be used anywhere around the globe for years to come.

Dormobile itself highlighted its supreme versatility and toughness in its brochure. The patent Dormobile elevating roof was also mentioned. Built in fibreglass and P.V.C material it proofed both weather and rot proof. The entire construction is resistant to corrosion, just like the car’s bodywork. Once popped-up the folding roof provides ample headroom, air space and ventilation while camping. For sleeping this example quickly converts to one or two single person beds or a two-person bed, while the two optional bunk beds offer an additional bedroom for two, just below the roof line. There are windows and a ventilation opening in the roof, which makes it perfect for year-round camping.

With sleeping, cooking and washing facilities, water supply and storage accommodation the Land Rover Dormobile Caravan is completely independent of fixed routes or locations, and makes it an ideal vehicle for holidays, hunting and fishing trips, surveying and long distance expeditions over undeveloped terrain, and countless other uses“. – Dormobile, Martin Walter Ltd.

Land Rover Series 2a

Dormobile 4-Berth model features

This Dormobile is turnkey ready for your next adventure. Please make an appointment if you want to see this Land Rover in person. Our showroom is located in Delft, the Netherlands. We ship worldwide and will assist with export and import.

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