Brand: Land Rover
Type: Series III 109" stationwagon 2.25ltr
Year: 1981
Colour: Blue

A genuine icon of British engineering. After the first two series, finally in 1971 the series III entered the world. Cosmeticly no big changes were made, the interior was slightly more modern compared to its predecessor with a moulded plastic dashboard. The gearbox was upgraded to a full synchro gearbox and from 1980, the 2,25 litre engines were upgraded to five mainbearings instead of three. Also engine compression rised so more power output was produced.
Compared to the series II, the new series III was better suited for long distance travelling

This specific car has been restored to the highest level with an extreme eye for detail. Even the indicator relays is ‘new old stock’ so the frequency of the clicking is correct. Also the rivets around the rear windows are correctly painted and unpainted, just a few examples of the perfectionism the restorer had.

Besides the five mainbearing engine, it also has the later type drumbrakes, a fairy overdrive, electronic 123 ignition and a slightly larger carburetor. The car runs extremely smooth with no rattles or squeeks anywhere. No play on steering, nor in the drivetrain, this Land Rover is not just a joy for the eye.

Originally sold in UK, the car was bought by the restorer in 2002
Slowly restoration began which quickly got out of hand. Some €40.000 euro’s were spend and also by looking at the car, it’s obvious no expences were spared.
All invoices and photos of restoration are with the car, as are some extra parts.

Please inquire for more information and photo’s. This is the best Land Rover I personally have ever driven. Not a single squeak or rattle, the gear change is smooth and feels like new. The engine is strong and cruising speed exceeds 115km/h. The original fairy overdrive winds like it should and makes this car the ultimate drivers car.

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