Mercedes-Benz 500 SL 1990

Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Type: 500 SL
Year: 1990
Colour: Arctic White

An early Mercedes-Benz 500 SL R129 is a timeless classic. With its 5 liter V8 it is well sought after by the ones who already know. This car comes with a full history file from new. After an easy life in Washington DC it is now offered in Europe with only 36,200 miles. The Arctic White paint and Royal Blue Leather interior still look immaculate today, especially with the original non-option Manhole Cover wheels and hardtop. The gold metal plated grill and trim show the car’s excellence in a subtle way. The blue soft top finishes it off.


Only a month after the Fall of the Berlin Wall this SL came off the production line in Stuttgart, where it was hand built. The car was ordered in the US and delivered in the Washington DC area, where it remained until it was shipped back to Europe by the current American owner in 2022. Import taxes, duties and fees are paid in the Netherlands. The official American export title is included in the sale. The only thing left to do is having the car getting inspected by road-registry authorities like RDW in the Netherlands, or Dekra / TuV in Germany. 


The M119 engine was in a league of its own. With 5 liter displacement, double overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder it offered the best features of German automotive engineering in a V8, just like the rest of the SL model. The Bosch Ke-Jetronic fuel injection system was only offered in the first two production years. The same high-performance engine was also used in the 500E. Although it had another fuel injection system its specs were the same as in the SL. With 326 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque, a little over the Porsche 928 S4 (320 hp / 430 Nm), it was both powerful and impressive. Still it ran smooth like silk. This elegance helped to offer an understated driving experience at the highest level, like no other. 

Main facts:

36.200 miles


M119 Engine

Automatic climate control

Air Conditioning fluid 134a Refit (instead of original R12)

Dual car stereo with remote control

Full history. Stamped service book. Including invoices from 2005 till date (all at Mercedes-Benz specialist in Maryland, close to Washington DC where the car has been delivered from new).


Arctic White (147) + hardtop + darker lower cladding (non-optional)

Royal Blue leather (272A)

Blue soft top (all 8 hydraulic cylinders have been replaced/refurbished)

06 24 27 62 96

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