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MGC GT 1970 – Time Capsule

Price: €49.500,-
Brand: MG
Type: C-GT
Year: 1970
Colour: Mineral Blue

Owned by one family since new, stored for 49 years and brought back to life by the late owner’s son. This MGC GT is as factory new as a 54 year old car can be. As a friend of the family we found a nice new custodian in the Netherlands, who enjoyed this MG next to another great British GT in his collection. Both 2+2 sports cars with a straight six engine, paired to a manual gearbox and rear wheel drive. Very pleasant to drive fast and a treat to take along on long distances through Europe. Now it’s time to pass on this time machine to add extra miles to this gran turismo

During the refurbishment a technical overhaul took place, but also the original paint was brought back into its factory-new condition by removing the old layers of wax. The MGOC Workshop Manager Ian Wallman, who worked on the car during its refurbishment told: “A car is only original once and this is exactly that!”. What helped, besides a low mileage of only 4,926 miles at that time, is the fact that its body shell was treated with an anti-rust wax from the dealership. Underneath a barnfind look was a shiny Mineral Blue MGC GT.

The son enjoyed his dad’s car for a while until we imported it in the Netherlands. He had experienced how it must have been to own a ‘brand new’ MGC GT decades earlier. Today this one-of-a-kind example is still at its best. At our workshop we’ve maintained the car while the current owner took it on a couple of road trips and classic car rallies. We are proud to show this time capsule in real life, but please reach out if you want high resolution photos of the entire car, engine bay and undercarriage. The car is turn-key ready, currently on Dutch registration and can be shipped worldwide.

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