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Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 1976

Price: €98.500,-
Type: 911 CARRERA 3.0
Year: 1976
Colour: Minerva Blau

Still underrated, but beloved by the ones who know. The “Carrera 3” is one of Porsche’s highlights when it comes to the 911 heritage. A very pleasant driver’s car that offers well-received day-to-day qualities. Stiffer suspension, better brakes and the 930/3 (Carrera 3 litre) engine, this car wants to be driven fast. Long distance traveling, daily commute or a spirited drive on a twisty mountain road, this 911 can do it all while offering one of the best air-cooled driving experiences.

The Minerva blue example here is one of the earliest produced, still in original condition and well-equipped. Options like headlight washers, a rear screen wiper and heating are practical. Together with power windows and mirrors this sports car feels as modern as it feels pure for a classic sports car. A great mix of all the best things produced during the G-model era. Compared to the regular 911-models of the same model year, its body shows slightly wider wheel arches. The original Fuchs wheels come with grippy Pirelli Cinturato CN36 tyres.

Holding the small “RS” steering wheel is a treat at any given speed. Porsche’s 915/61 gearbox is up to its task, because as a performance version of the 911 the acceleration is not only impressive from zero till 100 kmh, but also while running through each of its five gears. And as a true Carrera, the braking power still is massive.

Thanks to a higher revving engine than its naturally aspirated counterparts, you can feel that its predecessors were both the 1974 Carrera MFI and the infamous ‘73 RS (Touring). These 911s paved the way for the later GTS models, in our opinion. A Carrera 3 is a significant 911 to say the least, that any owner appreciates not only by its looks, but especially by the way it was built and how it performs.

We sourced the Carrera for the current owner. He drove it around the Bavarian Alps many times during the weekends, leaving us with envy. The car is located at our facilities in Delft, while being registered on German plates. Previously it was registered in the Netherlands. Therefore it will be easy to register this original Carrera 3.0 anywhere in the EU or US. Worldwide shipping can be arranged.

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 1976
139069 kms
Chassis nr: 9117600022 (22nd Carrera 3.0 litre. Only 1473 Coupe version with a manual gearbox were produced)
Model: 930/3 (Carrera 3 litre)
Nickname: “Carrera 3”
Model Year: 1977
Minerva Blau (Code 304, metallic) Option code: 911.095.903.80
Pinstripe interior (new on MY77)
911 “RS” Steering Wheel (380mm)
German Tuv: Valid till the end of 2024
Fuchs wheels with Pirelli Cinturato CN36 (Front 185-70 / R15 / Rear 215-60 VR 15)
EU model; hot dip zinc coated steel for all bodyshell parts
Aluminum calipers at front (specific for Carrera, same shape as 911 S)

2994cc, turbo-based 930 N/A engine (184 kg) with the same bore (95mm) and stroke (70.4mm) but an increased compression ratio of 8.5:1 by using higher domed pistons.
Nikasil cylinders
Bosch K-Jetronic from the 930 (Rebuilt in 2022)
200hp at 6000 rpm (Ron 91)
Aluminium die-cast crankcase

Recent Maintenance:
K-jetronic rebuilt in 2022
New valve stems + valve adjustment
New tyres: Pirelli
Bushings anti roll bar
TuV 2022 (valid till dec 2024)
Oil service; 13l Kendall 20w50
6 spark plugs
New fuel indicator
Complete seal set

Currently registered in Germany. Was previously on Dutch registration: 91-YB-55.

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