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Porsche 911 T 3.3 Litre 1969

Price: €129.500,-
Type: 911 T
Year: 1969
Colour: Grey Black

A bespoke 911 long hood restomod with 3.3 Litre naturally aspirated flat six in the back isn’t something that has been done often. With a power output of 260 horsepower and low-rev torque this classic 911 offers a driving experience like no other. Other than some backdated builds, the idea behind this car’s setup was to make a performance special based on the lightweight chassis of a 69 911 T. This car is being offered on behalf of an R-Gruppe member. 

The body has been fully restored and repainted in a modern GT3 RS shade called Grey Black. The interior is reupholstered. Two red leather Recaro Sportsitze with Pepita inserts and a Momo Prototipo steering wheel complete the period correct look and feel. An electric Classic Retrofit AC system is installed to make this a comfortable cabin without losing power. While the car sits on original Fuchs wheels you can also call this a sleeper that only shows off its hot engine by the 3.3 badge on the deck lid and the noises it produces when running. 

Accelerating from a standstill or from any given speed is simply impressive. The short-ratio 915 5-speed gearbox was rebuilt with the original first till third gear. Shortened fourth and fifth gears were installed to highlight the car’s swiftness on twisty backroads. Running through the gears on short straits between corners will provide the driver of this 911 T a thrill that can hardly be found in other classic 911s.

Despite the relatively narrow tires it will corner in a way that sits between a classic performance 911, like the Carrera RS and the later G-Model. The suspension is up to its task with performance bushings, SC-spec Bilstein shocks, larger torsion bars, adjustable sways bars and spring plates. Stopping power comes from an SC system.

We are happy to show you all the car’s details in person, or with the help of Facetime. The car is being registered in the Netherlands and can be shipped worldwide. Before it was shipped to the EU it was road registered in the USA. All documents come with the car. Therefore it will be easy to import this 911 into most countries and states.

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