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Singer Nine Sports “Le Mans” two-seater

Price: €46.500,-
Brand: Singer
Type: Nine Le Mans
Year: 1933
Colour: Green Black

When we think of sports cars nowadays we have a different mental image compared to the people who lived in the pre-war era. Brands like Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin and Singer offered both race cars and sports tourers. All entertaining, but in detail very different compared to each other. The Singer Nine Sports “Le Mans” from the 1930s showcased the nimble way of performance and impressive proportions for a humble little sports car. Its 972 cc four-cylinder engine with two bearings was already entertaining enough for most people, who just started motoring. The Le Mans version, as seen here, was tuned for the better. It was offered as a two- and four seater.

With a power output of 34 hp – five more than the regular “Sports” – and a short-ratio gearbox it was quick and very fun to drive. It paved way for many more lightweight orientated sports cars for almost a century and onwards. The Le Mans didn’t just handle and perform well, it also was an example for others to follow because of its stopping power. Lockheed drum brakes were up to their task to say the least. The low slung body and overall design were praised within the Singer Owner Clubs. Because the brand itself quit motorsports soon after the introduction of the six-cylinder Le Mans, the rest of the world seemed to forget these Singers. The engineering advantages and driving qualities made any “Le Mans” a popular sports car among the ones who knew.

On both small backroads and during typical British trial events these open Le Mans versions of the Singer Nine offered great fun. Racing them was successful, especially for team Fox and Nicholl. The sportiest Singers only were called Le Mans versions after Singer competed at races like the Le Mans 24 Hours, where the brand celebrated its finest victories in motorsports. The example we show here has been owned and cherished by a true Singer enthusiast since 1960. Renowned for his efforts in the Dutch and British Singer owner clubs and also rewarded for having such a lovely example of the pre-Le Mans Singer sports cars, he took his car from event to event. As a personal friend to us, we feel very grateful that the late owner’s son asked us to refurbish his father’s Singer. On his behalf we’re looking for a passionate custodian, who’d love to continue to enjoy this 90 year old British sports car for a very long time.

During a major service and refurbishment we took care of several mechanical components. Some leakages are solved and we made sure this Singer Le Mans is up to its task as a true driver’s car. The braking system is rebuilt and improved. A mechanical overhaul of the starter and alternator helps to make it ready to travel on any given occasion. The gearbox is fixed. So are the electrical and cooling system. The original radiator is rebuilt, hoses are renewed. Spark plugs, oil and all fluids are new. This turn-key ready Le Mans needs a new owner to keep it going. The only thing this Singer asks for is more miles and patina. Please reach out if you’re the one willing to proceed this adventure.

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