VOLVO 850 T-5R

Brand: Volvo
Type: 850 T-5R 2.3 Turbo
Year: 1994
Colour: Cream Yellow

Original Dutch delivered 850 T-5 R in the only real color Cream Yellow. One of the original 99 Cream Yellow 850s in the Netherlands. The car is 95% in its original paint, front bumper has been sprayed once and the spoiler is sprayed again as the softener has disappeared from the paint.

The condition of the car is very good. The body is free of dents and damage. The interior is unpunched and only the driver’s seat has some visible wear, not torn or worn out. The technical condition is very good, the car is delivered with a fresh MOT/TUV. The car has had a lot of maintenance in recent years. There has never been a cut. All accounts are available. The engine runs like a dream and was re-mapped a year and a half ago by RICA. There is a Ferrita RvS exhaust system, sounds wonderfully deep and not exaggerated. The gearbox shifts like a new one, synchronizes as it should.

This 850 was part our family for almost ten years, but unfortunately due to insufficient use, it went to a new keeper.

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