AC 2 litre 16/60 engine 1936

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Brand: Weller Brothers
Type: Straight six
Year: 1936

We have this 2 liter OHC A.C. 16/60 engine for sale after we restored our A.C. 16/80 and mated it with its original engine. The 16/60 “Six” has been in our two-seater since 1957 and is assumably the original engine from a 1936 A.C. “Greyhound” Saloon which was on display at the Olympia Motor Exhibition in October 1937. From files in the AC Owners Club we believe that this engine number is connected to that particular car.

John Weller’s 1,991-cubic-centimeter overhead-camshaft six-cylinder was a proven recipe and with the triple carburettor setup quite fast and responsive at the time. We sell the engine as is, but it did run before we took it out of the car. It can be picked up in Delft, The Netherlands.

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