DAF 55 Rallye

Another family affair. We created a tribute to our family rally-DAF from the seventies by doing it all over again. Obviously in our own way. The look and feel of this car is the same, everything else is done new. Part restoration, part preparation. We started off with a very original DAF 55. As soon as we started building this car we decided to raise the bar for the best possible outcome. Call it Plan B, which stands for Make it Better. Original or NOS parts where possible. The right rally equipment, lights and a full respray after major metalwork had been done. It is no Cisitalia by any means, but why not follow the same procedure?

A father and son outing followed. Together with my father I attended the Rally of the Tests 2023. With him as a co-driver we had a blast during this car first proper shakedown. After a successful first rally it returned to Delft fully covered in mud. Rallying is so much fun, especially when you can enjoy it with your loved ones. More events and adventure will follow. Not just by me, but my parents will ‘borrow’ the DAF 55 from time to time, to do it all over again. Can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces.

1st in Expert Class – June 8th 2024

Yes, rally cars get dirty as this. Enjoy the video below to see the reason why.


Geert Kistemaker

06 24 27 62 96

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