Lancia Flaminia Zagato Project

Despite the relatively young owner’s age, the aim for this Lancia Flaminia Zagato project was to experience cross continental travelling in the same way as it was being done in the late fifties and sixties. Long distances at high speed on the European highways and joyful drives over Swiss and Italian mountain passes. Nothing beats doing that in a true Italian Gran Turismo from an era when such was invented. Imagine yourself in the driver’s position on a journey to Mediterranean villages by taking only roads with the best vistas.

After a major service we have improved the Lancia’s braking system. It wasn’t up to its task at all. We not only took everything apart, the drum brakes were re-engineered and rebuilt by us in co-operation with one of the specialists we also use for pre-war braking systems. Together with new period correct tyres the car handled a lot better.

Carbs were cleaned, adjusted and tested on the dyno. A new battery was added. Together with a renewed fuel system a revised starter and alternator help for the sake of cold morning take-offs. The ignition was overhauled and renewed. The Zagato’s electrical system was back on point and so was the lighting. Especially in Europe you’ll need a full proof HVAC system, good wipers and working lights all around. The same counts for the cooling system. The original radiator was overhauled, hoses renewed and everything was tested before the first shakedown.

All in all, this wasn’t a full restoration, but we did everything within our power to make sure the car would be capable to stretch its legs to the fullest again. After a maiden drive the car was taken to countries like Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany. In between these road trips, we took care of the car as part of our collection management system. For several years the car has been enjoyed in the best possible way and it will now be passed onto the next custodian.

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